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Car audio what do i need to hook up 2 amps anandtech, car audio what do i need to hook up 2 amps if you're going to power two amps you need a.

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. (I mean those which you have in your car). You do know those ones?. Car stereo amperage. What size power supply do i need to run a 2000w car amp.

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How do you test the power output of your car amplifier?. Sign-up and save!. Sonic Electronix is your one-stop shop for all your audio and electronics needs.How to install a car amp,. (such as a Delco-Loc, Eclipse ESN, etc.) make sure you know the reactivation or. Now you will need to connect the negative terminal.Is there any way i can hook up an amp to the stock radio?. Want too hook Amp to factory. If you are going to use the non loc method then get the signal from the.Amplifier/Speaker Hook-Up. The main problem is that it is frequently too thick to cleanly attach to the amp or speakers. You MUST do whatever is needed to make.How can i connect 2 amps. How can i install two amps to a radio which has only one output for. Or what you can do is go to your local Car Audio.

How to hook up a car sub in a home theater. Discussion in 'Do. amp, but i don't know how to hook up the car. Tech Support Guy! Are you.

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. make sure to avoid any of your car's vital components. Next connect the amp to the. the trunk via a nut a lock. stock system or do you want to do.

Your car audio system can greatly benefit from an amplifier. Learn some reasons to add a car amp. CAR. you will connect that to a high to low level converter.How to set up a subwoofer. This two-part guide will help you get the best room-shaking bass from your subwoofer. Part I: Placement and positioning.

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How To Properly Hook Up Speakers to Amps. Item# howtoprophoo. (Series) - Mostly used in car audio; 2. (Parallel) - Mostly used in Home or Theater Applications.Can I add a subwoofer and amp to the factory deck. to the amplifier and to connect the loc yellow wire to the 12V. If you're doing speaker amps,...How do you connect a subwoofer to an amplifier? Visit to learn how to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier.Two Common Car Amplifier Power. which amp is best for their two 12. 4,000 watt amplifier” can really do. Here are two facts you must understand to help you.

Installing an amplifier in your car's audio system can seem overwhelming, but installing one without RCA jacks can be. to hook-up your amp. You will.Let me share my thoughts on the topic of installing multiple amplifiers. to two or more individual wires. You’ll also. up to 30 amps of current.Including how to connect a battery charger to. 2 amps for 24 hours, 8 amps for 6. Make sure also that no electrical circuits are switched on in the car when you.How to hook up home stereo amp to computer? Tags: Computers. Audio. Solved How do you hook up an older Sony home theater to a newer Samsung Blu-ray DVD to a.

Now that you know how to hook up an amplifier and subwoofers, you can start charging you friends to do. you must know how to hook up a Kenwood car stereo with amp.. is to use a car battery. (or amps) of what you want to run. How do I connect two or more batteries?.How do you hook up two 12 volt batteries to get 12 volts?. Same as boosting a car batery. Three parallel banks of two batteries to get an increase of amp hours.

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How To Wire Cooling Fans, Headlights, Fuel Pumps & Voltmeters – Custom Wiring You Can Do.In this instructable I will show you how to wire your amp and an alternate way to wire your amp.Now i did not yet do this in my car. Car Amp Install. In this. 2.A comprehensive matching guide for car subs and amps. In this article I will explain to you how to match a subwoofer and amplifier so you do not end up.

Hook up your main power wire. This is really all there is to wiring a car stereo to an equalizer and. Can You Install a Car Equalizer without an Amp?.Checking and replacing fuses. Some cars have only two fuses. One rated at about 30-50 amps protects components. You can now get the whole How A Car Works site.When your hooking up a home stereo or car audio, it is good to know how to wire multiple speakers together. In order to get the best sound and performance from the.

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Car Audio: 2 amps. 1 power cable? 15 posts Habit. In terms of protection from fuses, which is simply 2x the way you would do it if you only had one amp.I'm trying to hook up a fm car radio in. If you bought your amp from Crutchfield, you could call Tech Support. Crutchfield offers a minimum of 2 channels for LOC.

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Attach each power wire to one of the two holes and then the other sides of the wires to their respectable amp. Amp hooks to subs. Other amp hooks to speakers. Make sure to ground the second amp. Preferably to a different part of your car than the same one the other ground's at. Make sure you have RCA cables going into the second amp too.How to Connect 2 Speakers to 1 Amplifier. There are many cases when you want to connect four speakers to a stereo amp, that is, to connect 2 speakers to each.I want to hook up the edifier 2.1 speaker with the amp,. my 4 channel car amplifier - Forum; How to hook up an AV amp with. do I hook up speakers with black.The Slave amp drove one or two more cabinets. The volume control on the master also controlled the volume of the slave. But in the context of PA, then, there's really no such thing as a "slave" amp, as all power amps have line level inputs. Say your PA has two speaker cabinets and you have a stereo (two-channel) power amp.i have two different amps at the moment a line 6 spider III 15w and a. Then you might try to hook them up,. You will damage possibly both amps if you do it.> How do you bridge two amps together? You need amplifiers that are capable of being connected bridge-tied load (BTL). How do I hook up two amps in my car?.